About Us
The Childers Law Firm specializes in commercial and insurance defense. The firm serves clients throughout the State of Missouri. The majority of the firm’s practice is located in the central and southwest portion of Missouri. The firm represents clients in state and federal courts, and before administrative agencies in the State of Missouri. Members of the firm have developed a good working relationship with the judiciary before whom they practice and are knowledgeable of counsel for their clients’ adversaries. Members of the firm are active in the community and are knowledgeable of the mindset and expectations of potential jurors in the venues where the firm practices.

The founding principle of the firm was and is that each client’s case is extremely important to the client. The firm’s goal is to work with the client and the claims supervisor of their insurance carrier or their third-party administrator to bring each case to a satisfactory resolution. The firm is large enough to provide proper staffing for practically any litigation but also small enough to provide detailed personal attention to each file. It is the firm’s philosophy to determine the goal of the client or its insurance carrier early on in the litigation. The firm will set about to aggressively initiate discovery in order to provide a fast and accurate evaluation of the client’s exposure. It is the firm’s goal to assist the client in resolving the case through settlement or trial in the most cost effective and efficient manner possible.

The firm’s goal is to serve each client in a professional, fair, and economical manner. The firm is not the largest firm in Missouri or the largest firm in southwest Missouri by design. It is the goal of the firm to give individual attention to each client’s file. The firm will evaluate the facts relating to any file to perform the necessary discovery to provide the client with an accurate evaluation of their case. The firm will be prepared to try the case. The firm is able to assist clients with alternative dispute resolution whether it be arbitration, administrative decision making, mediation, or other alternative dispute resolution. The firm can provide contacts and assist the client in retaining quality experts in the local community or on a nationwide basis to assist in the defense of their case.

Members of the firm, over the years, have represented clients on numerous occasions at mediations where cases have been successfully resolved. The firm also has members who have the skill and knowledge to negotiate a settlement with opposing counsel without the assistance of a third party.
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