Members of the firm have been of assistance in assisting first party carriers after recovery from third-party tortfeasors based on sums paid under insurance contracts for physical damage to property, business interruption, or damage to inventory and cargo. The firm has experience in handling cases involving broken pipes, sprinkler malfunctions resulting in flooding, gas and electrical fires caused by defects in products, installation of HVAC to include over-pressurization of fuel lines, inadequate lightning protection, and malfunction of transformers and electrical service entry devices.

The firm has also filed actions on behalf of clients to seek indemnity or contribution from other tortfeasors in regard to construction projects, vehicle accidents, and chemical and toxic substance exposure.

The firm has made substantial recoveries on behalf of workers’ compensation carriers in regard to funds expended on behalf of workers’ compensation carrier to injured employees. Members of the firm have filed actions against the owners of premises, construction contractors and subcontractors, negligent vehicle operators, and manufacturers, distributors and retailers of products.

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