The firm has experience in handling admiralty and other marine or water-based cases. The firm has handled in rem and in personam jurisdiction cases involving various vessels on the Western River System. Members of the firm have pursued actions in federal court under the federal judiciaries’ exclusive jurisdiction in the area of admiralty to bring in rem actions against vessels which sank and were recovered by the firm’s client on navigable waterways.

The firm has also brought actions on behalf of clients in regard to recoveries made of vessels on non-navigable waterways in state court. These actions have been brought on behalf of local franchisees of international towing and salvage companies.

Members of the firm have investigated and participated in carbon monoxide poisoning cases involving the internal combustion engines located on vessels. The firm has also represented clients in regard to vessels which sank as a result of collision and physical damage to the propulsion engine systems on vessels.
The firm has defended cases involving obstructions in navigable channels relating to property damage and personal injuries to boat operators and passengers. Members of the firm have extensive knowledge of boating safety including, but not limited to, aids to navigation as propounded by the United States Coast Guard and adopted by statute and regulation by the Missouri State Water Patrol. Members of the firm have investigated and defended cases involving safe boating and compliance with the rules of the road as applicable to the rivers, lakes and reservoirs of Missouri.
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