Insurance Fraud

The firm has a vast amount of experience in handling insurance fraud claims. These claims are varied and come in many different forms. One of the most common forms of insurance fraud is theft claims. The firm has extensive experience in investigating fraudulent theft claims. This includes experience with regard to identifying forcible entry, evaluation of claimed property and the existence of property allegedly stolen. The firm has extensive experience in evaluation of banking, credit card and other financial records relating to the documentation of fraud loss.

Members of the firm have extensive training in the area of arson and fraud. This begins with academic classes in basic fire science relating to cause and origin, incendiary devices, flammable liquids, and the chemistry necessary to establish the presence of these items at a suspicious fire site. Members of the firm also have extensive experience in analyzing financial statements, debt and other accounting areas which are necessary in establishing motive for fraudulent fire. Firm members have extensive experience in taking sworn statements under oath, as well as supervising and analyzing sworn statements in Proof of Loss, follow-up investigation and record collecting.

Members of the firm are ready and willing to appear at a fire scene at any time, day or night, to assist in the collection and preservation of evidence.

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