The firm and its members have participated in the investigation and handling of accidents involving regular route less than full load commercial carriers and irregular route full load carriers. Due to its location at a near half-way point between California and New York, while being transversed by Interstate 44, southwest Missouri is the home, or has located in its boundaries, major terminals for many large national irregular route carriers. The firm has represented many of these carriers in regard to personal injury actions and workers’ compensation actions involving employees of the carrier. Firm members have attended in-house, hands-on seminars of clients in regard to dispatching, log keeping, tractor and trailer inspection and maintenance, DOT regulations, scope and breadth of physical examination of drivers, variance between shackle and spring suspension contrasted with an air-ride suspension, performance of air-ride cabs, air-ride seats, preservation and analysis of computer data (black box) of engine and vehicle performance. Members of the firm have had extensive experience with accident reconstruction to include not only the conservation of energy theory, but lighting, warning perception and distraction as a result of texting or cell phone use.

The firm is also able to assist in cargo damage cases.

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